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About Us


Company’s policy

Leadership and Commitment

The Chairman of the board of directors verified the completion of the development of the quality management system and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness. He also established and approved the quality policy that clarifies the general framework of the company’s objectives and strategies, and the management of the necessary resources for the continuous awareness of the importance of meeting the requirements of customers within the framework of the official requirements and specific legal and regulatory regulations

Verifying that all responsibilities and powers have been defined and disseminated within the company through the company’s organizational structure and directing all employees at all functional levels to adopt the method and methodology of operations and risk-based thinking in various work activities

Focus on Work

Work on continuous improvement of products and services and constantly search for advanced technology to maintain the company’s leadership among the sector companies

Continuous development in the field of petroleum refining by accomplishing various works with high efficiency and achieving excellence in quality in line with the requirements of customers and in order to meet the needs of the country in accordance with the approved specifications and standards.the company also aims to provide quality and distinguished service to customers

Adding value to customers, improving their competitive position, developing suppliers. and working to meet the required needs with continuous technology and quality to reach the best in the areas of the company’s production units.

Company Chairmans

Quality Policy

Amreya Petroleum Refining Company is one of the leading companies in the field of petroleum refining in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the company’s policy requires that it accomplish its various works with high efficiency and achieve excellence in quality to meet the requirements of customers and in order to meet the needs of the country in accordance with approved specifications and standards

The company aims to provide quality and distinguished service to customers through its commitment to the following

Implementation of the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015

Confirmation and definition of responsibilities and their dissemination within the facility

Continuous development and construction in order to respond to the changes and requirements of the local and global markets, through the advancement of all production stages of the company and the services it requires

work to create loyalty and belonging among the employees to the company through the means of social welfare

Ensuring the application of specification of specifications, rules and standards approved in the field of petroleum refining

Enable the various capabilities of the company’s employees to improve quality and reduce costs by providing distinguished training programs suitable for the tasks assigned to them

Focus on the importance of joint loyalty between customers and the company

Paying attention to the opinions and complaints of customers, dealing. with them seriously, and constantly working to measure customer satisfaction to achieve the quality that exceeds his aspirations

Review and develop the quality objectives and policy to ensure their suitability continuity, dissemination and availability to employees

Continuous review of the company’s departments through management reviews and internal reviews of the quality system and process control

Dealing with suppliers based on their ability to meet the requirements of the company’s quality management system

By achieving these goals. the company will have achieved the requirements of the quality system  in all its activities


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