Demineralized water

Demineralized water


  • It is used in the field of hydraulic tests for projects
  • It is used in laboratories and medical analyzes
  • It is used in the chemical industry


  • Tanker trucks

Chemical specification

Tests Test Method Results
Hygrogen Number PH ASTM D-1293 5-6
Kidney dysplasia – Ca2kA3 – GM ASTM D-1125 null
Electrical conductivity micromoh/cm ASTM D-1125 4
Chlorides – p each – EGP Volhards Method null
carbon dioxide c 0 m 0 m ASTM D-513 4
Iron c 0 m 0 m British Stander <0.1
Silica C 0M 0M ASTM D-859 < 0.1
T.Hardness ASTM D-1126 < 0.1


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