Deutrex special aroma

Deutrex special aroma


  • A non-volatile solvent in the manufacture of carbon black, rubber and greases
  • Basit for natural and synthetic rubber
  • A non-volatile solvent for insecticides
  • Essential oil for printing inks
  • Plasticizer and expander for dark colored polyvinyl chloride compounds
  • Manufacture of all types of grease


  • Tanker lorries
  • Custom Dum Drums

Chemical specification

Tests Results
Specific weight at 4/15 m 0.9800 Min
blink m 200 Min
Sodium c 0m 0m 12 Max
Potassium c 0 m 0 m 2 Max
Sulfur % by weight 4.5 Max
Kinematic viscosity at 210 F – Sentistock 25 Max
Water and sediment % by volume 0.3 Max
Conradson carbon % by weight 3 Max
Residual carbon % by weight 3 Max


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