Farafra Oil(MC70)

Farafra Oil(MC70)


  • It is used as an adhesive medium for the asphalt layer in the prepared soil before paving works.
  • It is used to stabilize the soil when there is no need to complete paving work, as in temporary paving operations, such as roads used for military purposes or preparing roads leading to petroleum companies during geological exploration and research operations.


  • Equipped lorries

Chemical specification

Test Method Specification limits
Chemnematic viscosity at 60 m CST 445 J.A.A.D. 140-70
Viscosity of Sibolt Furol at 50 °C (122 °F) sec 88 J.A.A.D. 120-60
Cleveland M flashing degree (minimum) 92 J.A.A.D. 38
Water % by volume (maximum) 95 J.A.A.D. 0.2
Distillate % by volume relative to the total distillate at 360
Distillate to total distillate ratio up to 225 m (maximum) 402 J.A.A.D. 20
Distillate to total distillate ratio up to 315 m (maximum) 90-65
Remaining % by volume of distillation at 360°C (lower) 60-20
Tests on residual distillation up to 360°C 55
Absolute viscosity at 60 m centipoise
Stitching degree at 25°C (77°F) -5 m.q.m 250-120
Retractability at 15.5 cm (minimum) 113 m.q.m 100
Solubility in ethylene trichloride, % by weight 2040 m.q.m 99
Spot test by American Road Federation No. T102
A- Solvent – Standard Naphtha 445 J.A.A.D. minus
b – naphtha – solvent of zeppelin
C- Heptane – the solvent of zaplin

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