Oxidized Bitumen Comex 85/25

oxidized bitumen 85/25 (COMEX 2)


  • It is used in the production of liquid and dry battery boxes.
  • Lining the foundations and basements below the surface of the earth
  • Lining of culverts used to drain excess water under roads
  • Paste plastic and cork tiles
  • It is used in media exposed to temperatures lower than Comex(1)


  • In bags of 25-27 kg/bag
  • In equipped tanker lorries

Chemical specification

Results Tests
20/30 Stitch pitch at 25 m (0.1 mm)
90/80 Softening temperature m
3 Minimum Retractability at 25 m (cm)
99 Minimum Solubility in ethylene trichloride, % w/w
200 Minimum Flash degree m
0.2 max Heating loss % by weight


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