Oxidized Bitumen Comex 100/25

oxidized bitumen Comex 100/25


  • Used to protect the edge of ports
  • Cover surfaces and floors exposed to acids, chemicals and water
  • Manufacture of moisture insulating materials such as bituminous tarpaulins, rolling paper, distilled burlap
  • Adhesive for cork tiles that are stuck in cold rooms and refrigerators
  • Filling voids in concrete expansion spaces, cracks and buildings


  • Equipped lorries

Chemical specification

Results Tests
20/30 Stitch pitch at 25 m (0.1 mm)
105/95 Softening temperature m
3 Minimum Retractability at 25 m (cm)
99 Minimum Solubility in ethylene trichloride, % w/w
200 Minimum Flash degree m
0.2 max Heating loss % by weight


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